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October 29, 2022
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I was lucky enough to pick this tool up from Phil at the IPMS National Convention in Omaha during the Reviewer Corp get together.

The text below was taken directly from the UMM web page and explains the Micro Mitre Box details better than I could:

MICRO MITRE BOX - MN048 XL (45° 90° 60°) cutting slots.

High Quality - MMB box with adjustable stop 110MM x 20MM x 14MM

  • This aluminum micro mitre box is just 110mm long making it ideal for miniature work.
  • Each unit has one 45 ° degree, one 90 °degree and 60 °degree angle cutting slots.
  • For use with original JLC/CMK/HAULER razor saws (JLC001, JLC002 and JLC004 - thickness saw 0.12mm).
  • It is used to cut square ends, perfect splices and mitered corners.
  • The miter box has an adjustable stop.

We highly recommend this tool to all modelers who owns mini saw blades.

I found this mitre box to be beautifully made, and easy to use. My razor saw blade fit precisely in each slot resulting in a clean cut through the plastic sprue I practiced on. It included two adjustable stops that helped hold the plastic in place as it was being cut.

It was important to make sure the blade was horizontal, especially towards the end of the cut, as the blade could score and damage the mitre box aluminium, as well as dulling the blade.

UMM has a huge assortment of top quality tools and accessories for scale modelers, and this micro mitre box fits right in! It will be extremely useful when scratch building parts to upgrade, or correct plastic (or wood) kit parts.

If there is one tool on my work bench that I use more than anything else, it is my razor saw! I believe this UMM mitre box may well join my saw in becoming one of my most used tools.

My thanks to UMM and Phil from IPMS USA for allowing me to review this handy tool.


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