Micro Hook Scriber MHS-V1 (SM)

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January 10, 2023
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UMM 05
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This is a new scribing tool that was added to UMM-USA’s line of modeling tools this fall. The fine chisel point allows the tool to be used either to clean out or sharpen existing panel lines or create new ones. The hook point has a nice sharp triangular point that easily cuts through plastic and allows you to adjust the depth and cutting angle by moving your hand.

The textured handle helps you keep a good grip on the scriber and find the position that is most comfortable for you.

I used the scriber to re-scribe the panel lines on an old Airfix Vulcan (the original kit, not the new one) as sanding and filling the joints on the upper and lower wing had pretty much obliterated the original raised panel lines. Using the scriber and a small plastic ruler I had no trouble creating new panel lines on the flat body of the Vulcan and using a thin flexible metal straight-edge I was able to scribe new panel lines over the curved spine and nose of my Vulcan.

This is a great tool and with a little practice will be easy to use. The sharp tip does a great job.

Highly recommended.

Thank you to UMM-USA models for the review sample.


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