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Videoaviation out of Italy is one we don't often see here in the US. But I can tell you that any modeler with an interest in aviation modeling needs to look at their suite and wonderful selection of products. The item for review in this case is a 1/32 MHU-12 munitions handling trailer, used to transport munitions between the storage areas and the flight line for the US and many other forces. It has a 5,000 pound capacity and can accommodate a wide variety of munitions.

The kit is beautifully cast in 66 resin parts with parts for two different versions in the box; one (yellow) early with tires and towbar, one (green) late with tires and towbar plus decals. The kit can be configured many different ways based on what munitions would be being hauled. I elected to do the late version in green and configured as shown in the pictures in the instructions. Another comment, the instructions are superb with red highlights where things go and notes and options carefully noted.

First step is cleaning the castings, and while there are a lot, they are not difficult to clean as the casting is well done with great surface detail. I did not clean the early version ties or tow bar and those went in the spares box.

Assembly starts on the bottom of the two large cart pieces adding the leaf springs, blocks and carriage support. The two center sections are then placed between the larger parts and everything is aligned and the main rail is added. Note that this piece must have the hole on one end aligned towards the deck. Once I did this, I let things sit overnight so the glue would get a good dry. Once things are dry, the middle pieces (which fold over on the real cart) are removed and side railings added. The remainder of the bottom suspension parts are added including the two axles. The finer parts are added including hitches and steering links.

You can tell that Videoaviation has thought things out, as the wheels and hubs are separate. This makes painting so much easier. Make sure the hubs are cleaned well and they will slide on the tires later. They are also different for back and front, so watch the installation. Lastly, the towbar, top sections, and tie down rings are added, and we are ready for paint.

Being the late version, the color is FS34102 (Gunze H303). The entire cart was sprayed this color. I waited and then gave the entire piece a brown/black wash to show the detail and dust. Since the main body parts were aluminum, no rust is needed, but wear was shown with dry-brushing and an aluminum colored pencil. The kit was gloss-coated and decals added. The tires were painted rubber color and added and the entire kit flat-coated.

There is a series of spacers for holding armament so I dipped into a left over stores from Academy's 1/32 F/A-18. I added a few for size and scale comparison.

This is a superb kit with a million little options on configurations. The castings are excellent and this piece would fit almost any diorama where you need to transport munitions. Speaking of that, check on Videoaviations web site above - they have weapons, figures, and all sorts of interesting items.

Most highly recommended. My thanks to Videoaviation and IPMS/USA for the chance to review this kit.


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