MG 14/17 Parabellum WWI Gun

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April 13, 2016
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Various 1/32 WWI Kits; WNW Gotha
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A little background. The LMG Model MG 14/17 machine gun was a 7.92mm gun used on aircraft and Zeppelin in WWI. The 17 designation means that the gun was the 1917 version of this particular weapon. MG-14/17's were used very widely on German multi-seat aircraft throughout 1917 and 1918, particularly as the weapon for the rear gunner/observer on two seat planes.

Eduard has produced a resin and photoetch replacement for kit parts representing this gun. Inside the package, you get parts for two guns. The resin parts consist of the stock, the gun itself, the ammo drum and the sight. The photoetch parts consist of the gun sight, handle, the sides of the ammo drum, the supports for the gun sight and the trigger assembly.

Assembly takes some caution. The resin parts need to be removed from their carriers. The ammo drums need to be sanded so the sides are fairly flat. The guns come off easily but the stock and grip are very, very delicate. Even being careful, one grip broke off due to the fine castings. It was easy to replace with a little glue and patience, but be aware of the delicacy.

I assembled the photoetch sides of the ammo drum and they fit well, but in hindsight, it would have been easier to paint the drum separately to ease painting of the bullets. The stock was glued to the gun and the photoetch mounts for the gun sight. The sight was added and then the handle and front gun sight. The drum was added and here you have to fabricate a wire support which is 18mm long and add a slight bend. Once assembled, the gun looks fantastic.

Painting is simple as the gun is semi-gloss black as used overall with the drum having silver heads and brass casings. I flat coated the gun and used a silver pencil to highlight some of the fantastic casting and details and to show wear. When done, I flat coated the entire thing in Dull Cote and called it done. The detail is wonderful and the fit is good. This will really set up your WWI planes to shine. Recommended

My thanks Eduard for the opportunity to review this item.


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