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Mission Models Paint (MMP) has released some new metallic colors to add to their acrylic paint range. The colors reviewed with this release include.

MMP paints include the following:

  • Gun Metal MMM-010
  • Brass MMC-002
  • Gold MMC-003

Mission Models also provided Gloss White Base MMGWB-002, Grey Primer MMS-003, and MMS-007 Clear Primer. The Gloss White Base can be used as an alternative to Gloss Black Base under metallic colors to provide a lighter shade of the finish paint. Mission Models Clear is an interesting primer that can be tinted to match finish paints for a more uniform color coat. Blaine Singleton has provided a nice review of MMP’s clear primer.

Acrylic Paint

MMP paints are non-solvent based, odorless, organic acrylics that produce a flat finish. These paints are odorless, spray easily to a nice, hard, even finish, and have less airbrush ‘tip-drying’ than other acrylic paints. The paints come in 1 oz. dropper bottles to facilitate measuring and contain a BB to help mixing. The paints appear thicker than other paints. MMP says that compared to other paints that are thinned to the consistency of skim milk, MMP paints appear to be “full fat”, but can still be sprayed right out of the bottle. MMP says their paints are “triple pigmented” with fine pigments to obtain coverage with thin coats of paint.


The MMP Thinner should be used to thin paints and clean airbrushes. I used the thinner to clean the airbrush and it works well. Use the thinner sparingly as it does not take too much. MMP recommends thinning their paint 2-3 drops of thinner to 10 drops of paint (20-30%). MMP cautions against using too much thinner, particularly with the metallic colors, which are thinner than other colors. All paint & thinner should be stirred in a paint cup to mix, not shaken. The paints can be sprayed at 10, 15, or 20 PSI depending on other conditions. MMP recommends spraying in temperatures of at least 60° F and suggests that the paint can be sprayed in high temperatures. Adding the Poly Intermix should help with tip-drying of the airbrush.

Grey Primer

MMP primer is a two-part system, primer & thinner, that appears thick compared to other paints. It must be ‘activated’ with MMP’s thinner (reducer) and cannot be thinned with other products. The primer should be thinned 1-3 drops thinner to 10 drops of primer. Do not add MMP’s Polyurethane Additive to their primer. Like the paints, I found the primer to produce a nice, smooth, finish, slightly flatter than the paints.

Gold and Brass Paints

These colors seem to be thicker than other MMP paints, but they thin nicely with the MMP thinner. I mixed these at about three drops thinner, one drop polyurethane to 10 drops paint, which is thinner than the other MMP pants. I applied the colors in four thin, wet coats. When spraying the colors, watch the paint at an angle so the sheen of the wet paint can be seen. It is important to use thin, wet coats to get proper adhesion. I had no problems with tip drying in the airbrush, even though I started and stopped spraying to wait for each of the coats of paint to dry. The pants have a nice sheen to them but have a noticeable pigment grain, particularly with the gold color.

Gun Metal Paint

Mission models gun metal paint has a metallic sheen and is slightly darker when compared to Model Master gunmetal. The MMP gun metal is not a buffing paint. The gun metal is thin, and I used one drop of thinner and one drip of poly for ten drops of paint.


These metallic paints are nice additions to the Mission Models line of acrylic paints. The gun metal and brass provide smooth finishes with fine grain, and spray easily. The gold color has a larger pigment grain that provides lots of sparkle. The dropper caps are convenient for measuring paint and the BBs quickly mix paints in the bottles.

Thanks to Mission Model Paints for producing these great paints!


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