Metal Landing Gear for HK B-17G

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November 21, 2013
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HK Models
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Many thanks to Mr. Ross McMillan of Scale Aircraft Conversions and the IPMS Reviewer Corps for allowing me to try this neat conversion and replacement set for a recently released kit. I am delighted to report on one of the many aftermarket sets that are becoming available for a groundbreaking release, the Hong Kong Models B-17G in 1/32.

The 4 white-metal parts arrived in a blister pack, backed by the distinctive SAC company logo. The heft of the parts is very noticeable. The struts are nicely polished and require little buffing and cleanup. The gear struts of the HK B-17 are directly replaced with the SAC parts. The main mount actuators and scissor links from the kit are used, and they mate very nicely with the replacement parts, which have very nice and crisp detailing . The entire tail strut assembly of the kit is replaced by the corresponding SAC parts. I found that the main wheel axles did not fit as tightly into the wheels as the kit axles did, but that is not a bad thing. I could tweak the wheels to ensure the molded-in flat areas on the tires fit flush to the ground. I used Bare Metal Foil ultra-bright chrome to represent the exposed hydraulic rams. I also used Riich Models ultraflexible tubes to simulate hydraulic lines.

This SAC conversion set is a nearly seamless kit part replacement. Other than polishing and detailing a bit, the parts are ready to drop in. The additional weight provides more stability to the model. I recommend this set as an effective add-on to a great kit.

Again, my sincerest gratitude to both Mr. Ross McMillan of Scale Aircraft Conversions and the IPMS Reviewer Corps for providing me this conversion set for review. It is a great privilege, thank you.


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