Messerschmitt Me 209 Main Wheels

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Special Hobby Me209
Company: CMK - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: CMK - Website: Visit Site
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This set provides a set of resin replacement main wheels for Special Hobby’s recent Me 209 kit. As expected from CMK, the wheels are very nicely cast with good detail including the bolts on the wheel hubs. The tread pattern on the tires is also very sharp and distinct.

The tires are easily separated from the pour stubs and the pour stub and any flash are easily removed and cleaned up as show in the attached photos.

I painted the wheels Tamiya NATO Black and the hubs Tamiya Black as I do other Luftwaffe aircraft wheels, but I will need to do some drybrushing to bring out the hub details as they sort of disappear under the black paint.

This is a nice set and presumably the wheels are drop on replacements for the kit wheels (I still need to pick up a Me 209 kit to use them on!).



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