Messerschmitt Bf109G-6/14 ‘HARTMANN’ w/Figure

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May 31, 2017
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The Bf109G-5 and -6 fighters were produced in parallel and were pressurized and non-pressurized versions of the same fighter. The G-6 was most widely produced variant and remained in service till the end of the war. Erich Hartmann was probably the most famous pilot to fly the Bf 109 and is the highest scoring ace in the Luftwaffe.

The kit: Hasegawa has released versions of the G-6 or -14 at least 12 times and nothing has changed with this boxing other than the decals. The parts are crisply molded in grey with recessed detail and little to no flash. The clear parts typical Hasegawa quality and look nice. The resin figure is very nice but has a mold seam line down the middle of his face and back of his head…this will be a pain to clean up.


It begins with the cockpit and while there is some detail in this one, I chose to add the Eduard Zoom set (FE211) for this build. Once the cockpit tub is finished you can assemble the fuselage. Everything fit well and it was on to the wings where it was more of the same, simple and easy to assemble. Just make sure you drill all of the little holes out before assembly. Once the wings are finished you can attach them to the fuselage and the fit in my sample was perfect.

On to the homestretch which includes the cowl, prop, landing gear, exhausts, intakes, stabilizers, flaps and canopy. Everything went well here except the flaps. I tried to pose them in the down position but just couldn’t get it right so I left them up. (It was me, not the kit)


I used Tamiya & Testors acrylics to finish this and as you can see, I need more practice at painting a mottled scheme. The decals went on perfect and set down with just a little help from some MicroSet.

The figure: A very nicely molded figure of Hartmann is included in the kit and if it didn’t have that seam line it would be perfect. I primed it with Tamiya surface primer then used Vallejo acrylics to finish it. I stopped painting figures a long time ago and not totally messing this up was a challenge for me!


This is still a nice kit after all these years that goes together very easy. No, it doesn’t have all the bells & whistles that the newer kits have, but for me simple is better. I recommend this kit to any modelers who want a good, simple 109G to build.

I would like to thank Hasegawa & Hobbico for supplying this kit, the review corps for letting me build it and all of you for reading this…….. Now GET BACK TO THE WORKBENCH!!


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