Messerschmitt Bf-109G Metal Landing Gear

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One advantage of white metal over styrene plastic is strength. Metal parts will not warp under the weight of a built model regardless of the size of the aircraft, no matter how many years it stands on display. Another advantage of white metal is the way it holds up under "working" conditions (drilling, scoring, sanding, etc.), as it is much denser than styrene plastic and has a much higher melting point. Being quite malleable, it can be bent without the fear of breaking & a useful characteristic when it comes to final alignment "tweeking". Note: SAC white metal contains no lead.

This set is ideal for adding extra strength to your 1:35 scale Border Models Messerschmitt Bf-109G aircraft models’ landing gear. This set contains 7 nicely-cast white metal parts to enhance your project. As white metal is soft, one of the main gear axles in my sample was bent. Easy enough to correct.

Since styrene cement has no effect on white metal, parts should be attached using CA glue (e.g., Superglue). I recommend using a thicker "gap filling" CA where parts need time to be positioned. Once in place you can use an accelerator to bond the parts instantly. These products can be found where ever hobby supplies are sold.

A set of miniature files comes in handy for removing mold parting lines while fine gauge wet-or-dry sandpaper aids in further "clean up" and polishing areas that represent polished steel.

A variable speed rotary tool can be useful for detailing certain areas. Just be careful not to grind on your fingers and ALWAYS wear eye protection. I knew a guy once that ... ...

Paint will adhere directly to white metal parts. However, a light coat of primer first will guarantee adhesion of the paint.

My thanks and gratitude to Scale Aircraft Conversions and IPMS/USA for the review sample


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