Messerschmitt Bf 109 E

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Robert Peczkowski
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Hardcover, 148 pages, 8.5x12, 72nd scale plans, color and B&W images
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You can view the book trailer for this publication at this YouTube video. This video provides a preview of the entire book, cover to cover.

Written by Robert Peczkowski with color profiles by Artur Juszczak, this book covers the evolution of the Bf-109E from 1936 to 1941, from the E-0 to the E-9 in the “Emil” series. This is the second, expanded, and revised edition of an MMP book covering the Bf-109E.

The “Emil” was a significant variant in the Bf-109 series. Major changes in the Bf-109 brought about by the switch in powerplants from the Jumo-powered A thru D variants lead to the E, which was powered by the Daimler Benz DB 601A engine. The author shares his extensive collection of black & white images in this book, these images being a primary research tool for the historian and the modeler. The images are augmented by a series of excellent drawings and illustrations, all in 1/72nd scale, which provide a wealth of “detail” information.

The images, many in color, provide considerable reference material for markings, paint patterns, and colors used. There are a series of color profiles which also provide detailed information about the placement of markings, the style of numbers, letters, and national insignia, and demarcation lines for the camouflage schemes.

The content includes a section labeled, “Technical Description” which provided details about such features as the undercarriage, the engine, the fuel, oil, hydraulic, oxygen, and electrical systems, gun and bomb armament. A section of the book covers the “Emil” in use by “foreign powers that include Bulgaria, Hungary, Japan, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Slovakia, and the USSR.

This publication is highly recommended due to the prolific number of excellent images, profile drawings, detail illustrations and technical and historical information.

Thanks to Mushroom Models Publications for providing this book for review by IPMS/USA.


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