Meng Shi 1.5 ton Military Light Utility Vehicle – Convertible Version for Special Forces

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December 5, 2013
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Company: Hobby Boss
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The EQ2050 Meng Shi (also known as Dong Feng Armour) is the 1.5 ton capacity, four-wheel drive troop/cargo carrier truck developed and built by Dong Feng Motor Corporation (DFM). The vehicle was based on the General Motors High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) with some minor modifications. This would definitely explain why it looks so similar. According to Chinese media reports, the military version WQ2050 is made with 100% Chinese made parts.

Like its hardtop predecessor (HobbyBoss 82468), this is another new kit from HobbyBoss! HobbyBoss has really been cranking out the wheeled and tracked vehicle kits in the last couple of years. These are not kits that other companies are releasing but new and previously unreleased kits. HobbyBoss now has three vehicles based on the Dang Feng 1.5 ton chassis.

This particular kit consists of just over 160 parts on 10 sprues molded in tan styrene, 10 parts molded in clear styrene and 12 PE parts. Also included are 5 rubber tires and a decal for the instrument panel.

The sprues are all enclosed in clear plastic bags. In fact, all the different parts are bagged which allows a great amount of protection of the parts. All of the parts are very well molded and even the PE sheet feels stiff enough to withstand cutting.

The eight page instruction booklet is well laid out and you should have no problem with the sequence of steps. There is also a painting diagram included for one vehicle with no markings. I really like the colors called out. The box art does not have the Sand Brown color pop out like it does on the painting diagram. The painting guide calls out numbers and colors for five different manufacturers. The decal sheet is an ultra small piece only containing a dash decal. Something different is that the front windshield is a split design allowing you to drop the passenger section but this may not be accurate. The box art clearly shows the passenger windshield down but this option is not covered in the instructions.

While we are on the box art, lets talk about a few other things that are not included in the kit. The box shows the vehicle with four figures in very “action” poses all indicating a contact action to the front. You receive no figures and only the turret mounted light machine gun. The neat looking passenger mini-gun is also not included. Another item not included in the instructions is the winch hook. The hook appears to be included on the sprue but it is not included in the instruction sheet.

I would like to thank Hobby Boss for continuing to release unique and distinctive subjects. A big thank you also goes to MMD-Squadron for providing the review sample and IPMS/USA for allowing me to review it. This kit should make a great standalone kit or combine it with the hardtop version for a nice diorama. Since it is not a American Hummer, the “what if” possibilities are numerous as well! Go and get yourself one of these new Meng Shi kits.


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