Medal of Honor, Volume 2, Interwar Years 1919-1939

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Alan Durkota & Thomas Darcy
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Square Soft Bound, 8.5x 0.19 x 11 inches, 80 pages
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Volume 2
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Volume 2 of the Medal of Honor series documents the 6 aviators who earned the Medal of Honor during the interwar years 19191939. This book of 80 pages has 215 photos and color profiles of 10 aircraft relating to this period.

Only 1 of the 6-aviation related Medal of Honor awarded in this period was for action that involved combat by USMC Lieutenant Christian Frank Schilt in Nicaragua in 1928. 3 of the other 5 men awarded the Medal of Honor were presented for exploration including Admiral Byrd (North Pole flight) and the other 2 awarded were for lifesaving efforts.

It is very interesting that Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr received the army designed Medal of Honor for his solo flight across the Atlantic 20-21 May 1927 even though he was no longer on active US Army duty. Authorized by a special act of Congress in December 1927 Lindbergh was presented the medal by President Coolidge in 1929.

These and other accounts are documented by the authors for the 6 Medal of Honor awarded and the feats that merited the award.

This book has a very good photo selection for the aircraft used in this period and would be very good reference including for any model builder interested in the following aircraft:

  • Fokker VHA/3M (trimotor)
  • Curtis JN-H4
  • PBY-2
  • Ryan NYP NX211 (Spirit of St Louis)
  • Vought Corsair O2U-1

I would highly recommend this book not only to aviation modelers but also to those interested in the history of some iconic aircraft of this period covering 1919 to 1939.

I want to thank the publisher Aeronaut Books and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review this book.


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