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July 10, 2015
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Mechatro WeGo robots are not as well known here as they are in Japan where the series has been a hit for a while now and their world continues to grow. Simply put, they are personal robots meant to carry children anywhere and everywhere. Here’s the detail from the web site:

“Direct from Japan’s Chubu Mechatronics, Mechatro WeGo mechatrobots have taken the world by storm! These innovative, child-sized transports are the world’s smallest mechatrobots, built for carrying kids to school, soccer practice – and everywhere else in between. Mechatrobots have made carpooling obsolete, leaving parents with more time to take care of everyday errands. The only thing mechatrobots are missing? An alarm that ensures the kids are home in time for dinner!”

They come in a variety of colors (there are kits in total) and are scaled to fit a single child per robot. In this case, the WeGo’s are meant for Aka and Kiiro. There are several other sets available. Taking a look inside the box, there are two full kits, each with three sprues. The sprues are colored (yellow, red and gray for these sets) along with a couple of the vinyl connector sets and one clear sprue. The molding is excellent and with two kits I had a thought- assemble one straight out of the box and one, paint it up.

The kits can be assembled with no glue and have locations and vinyl sockets so that the kits have posable arms and legs. The first kit was cut apart and the assembly sequence followed and the only trimming I did was to smooth the sprue attachment points. Please note that if you want full movement, a couple tabs needs removed on the elbows and knees. The kits are molded in the correct colors for the most part and the entire assembly took about half an hour and you can see that unpainted, it is a cool looking kit with great fit and the arms and legs can be posed. I elected to have the stand in a lowered position to show the figure inside. The figures does require a little glue for the head and hands. The last parts added were the clear tail lights and “eyes” or headlights.

The second WeGo, I decided to actual paint. Construction was the same but the primary colors of yellow and red need planned out. I built the yellow bodied version and started by building the internal frame and then both arms and legs. These were added together and then painted red. The inside portion of the frame was painted dark gray along with the inside of the back. The pad in the back was painted green and all the pieces were flat coated after a few touch ups.

Next, the back, front and top were sprayed dark gray for the interior color and yellow for the outer color. The arm and leg armor was also painted yellow. The top half of the back was painted light gray and then the tail lights added. The head hatch and all the plugs covering the shoulder and hip were painted a light gray. Once everything was dry, I popped the parts together but glued them this time.

Detail painting was next with the claw ends getting some FS36118 and the lights and eyes getting silver backing. The toes were painted light blue while the control stick is painted silver and the grips green. The entire kit was then given a flat coat and I assembled a figure to show scale. Lastly, I used clear red on the tail lights.

The only downside to these figures is the small size. The parts are small and it takes a little finesse to get them in place plus they could swallow the parts also. For an 8 year old or older, these are perfect. They would make a great rainy afternoon project and they can be collected or used just for fun. Or they could be built and detailed. Definitely recommended.

MY thanks to Hobbico and Hasegawa USA for the chance to build and paint up one of these nifty robots.


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