Me-163B Komet Armament and Pitot Tube

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September 20, 2012
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any 1/48 Me-163B-0, B-1
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As a member of the IPMS/USA Review Corps, I have had the wonderful opportunity to review a few items now from the Polish company Master Model. The topic for this review is a new set designed to upgrade your 1/48 scale Komet. Unlike most of the sets that I have reviewed, there is no recommended kit to use these new parts on, so I chose a Dragon release that was sitting in my stash. As with any of the other releases that I have come in contact with, these parts will greatly improve the look of your Komet.

I have held a long fascination with some of the late-war production aircraft that Germany put to use. This is mostly due to the engineering effort that went into weapons like the Me-163 Komet, which was designed by Dr. Alexander Lippisch. The Komet, also known as the “floh” (flea), was the only production rocket-propelled aircraft of Germany during World War II, and could reach speeds of 596mph. Over three hundred Messerschmitt 163’s were built, but they were only marginally successful in battle (depending on the source, there were between nine and sixteen victories for the loss of ten Komets). The “B” variant, which this detail set is for, was powered by a Walter HWK 109-509 motor.

This new release from the Air Master line of Master Model detail sets comes with three pieces of brass, consisting of two MG 151 20mm gun barrels and a pitot tube to replace the kit-supplied plastic items. As with the previous Master Model items that I have reviewed, they are very impressive, and the addition of these items will make a 1/48 scale Me-163B an even more impressive show piece. The detail is very crisp with the brass items, and the only items that actually require work will be to set the machine gun barrels at the proper depth. Directions are on a single sheet of folded paper, and they are easy to follow. A notice is provided in the directions stating that the two gun barrels are only used if building the Me-163 B-0 variant, as it had extending 20mm guns, while the B-1A variant housed 30mm guns that did not extend outside of the edge of the wings.

For my hits of this detail set, I again will mention that the parts show great detail for this scale, and that they are a nice upgrade to the plastic items provided in the kit. Everything is a one-for-one replacement, so it is an easy upgrade for less experienced modelers to go after, and with only three parts will not take much time at all. The Master Model directions alone will provide adequate detail to the builder, including the drill bit sizes that are recommended if needed.

I had no misses for this detail set; just follow the directions and you will end up with improved guns and a great looking pitot tube for your Me-163.

Overall I would highly recommend this detail set to anyone wanting to improve his 1/48 scale Messerschmitt 163 Komet. The only challenge that I could see in using this detail set would be the sharp end of the Pitot tube, but this will likely take more force to damage than a kit-supplied plastic one. If you start with the Dragon kit, the Master Model items will simple drop into place, so there will be no “surgery” required.

I would like to thank the folks at Master Model for providing this set to the IPMS/USA for review, to Steve Collins, who runs the review corps, for selecting me to assess this detail set, and to you for taking the time to read my comments.


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