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July 6, 2016
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As usual, IPMS USA are eternally grateful to Eduard for kindly providing yet another magnificent example of their new items to review, and to the IPMS USA reviewer corps leaders for sending it to me..

This kit is the second release in the new and vastly improved ME-109 series. This being the ME-109G-5, the kit parts provide all that is required to add a properly outfitted -5 to your display.

In the box are the absolutely magnificent base parts for generating the ME-109G and K series aircraft in 1/48 scale. Others have said it but I shall as well; Eduard’s model epitomizes the breed and has been well-worth the wait. This release utilizes the standard canopy hood with dessicant pips on the inside, along with the upgrades intended to show a high-altitude pressurized Gustav -5. The side engine blister provides the additional ducting and bulges for the variant, and the decal sheet covers five different schemes to choose from.

I was provided the “BRASSIN” cockpit and a couple of other articles for use with this model. As I review the basic kit parts, I agree with Brett Green at Hyperscale that the basic model interior is more than sufficient, but the brassin expanded version takes it a notch up. Careful painting and parts installation result in a very realistic look, and it’s obvious Eduard’s team took their time to do this “correctly”.

I used Eduard items exclusively for this build. The basic construction is some of the best out there; even the dreaded lower fuselage area aft of the wing fit well. Not a seam required filler, and only required the liquid cement/squeeze technique to put a bead on the join areas with light sanding of the seam afterward to fix. A wash of liquid cement over the sanded area, primer the model, and tis’ done! This was a simple build with the basic airframe.

As stated before, this build used a few Eduard aftermarket; the resin prop and spinner, resin wheels and tires, and the cockpit. These improved on the basic kit items, and are subject of separate reviews. As to the kit, superlatives fail! External detail is the best out there; light and effective, panel lines are appropriately handled, and when painted this model just looks right. The main gear has the correct toe in and camber, and when the finished model is put on the wheels, it sits like it should. External gun pods are included, as are bomb racks and external tank. Two types of exhaust, with the shrouded and non-shrouded versions. Color Photoetch is included to improve the cockpit detail, including the instrument panel, hood armor, levers, and other details.

Cowl guns: both are hollow! (…and tiny; VERY tiny…). Different tail wheels, Wheels and tires for other versions are included, including spoked, solid wheel, and radial and non-treaded tire tread, and “K” wide versions. Two types of fin are included, along with the rudder, and there are four propeller versions on the sprue. The clear parts: two gunsights, two windscreens, Erla, standard framed, along with dessicant pips. And this kit is set up to set up for aftermarket. A lot of parts are included that are not used on the G-5, but I can pretty well count on an F and K coming! What can I say, the kit has it all.

Decals: several different schemes on this one; most overall 76 grey/blue night color, with grays camo and, in one case, the night fighter black wing on one side. Packed and well done; no silvering, just be careful to place them properly because they can and do fold on themselves, and stick like a coat of paint. Marvelous!

I found no fault with this kit. The pictures speak for themselves… I foresee more of these being added to the collection.

All in all, Eduard’s new ‘109 is a great effort… It will be hard for ANY other company to improve on this one. Full score for subject and performance, well done Eduard!


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