McDonnell F2H-3/4 “Big Banjo”

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July 16, 2012
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Steve Ginter
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Softback, 176 pages, 4 in color, 334 B&W photos and numerous drawings
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Company: Ginter Books - Website: Visit Site
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This book is typical of the excellent Naval Fighters series, of which this is number ninety-one. Ginter books are well known to modelers and aircraft historians alike. They provide an excellent reference source for both common and obscure Naval and USAF aircraft. All are packed with photos, drawings, and details needed by modelers, and this volume does not disappoint.

This book covers the last model and upgrade to the F2H design. The book starts out with a basic summation of the changes made to the aircraft to create the F2H-3/4. The next 22 pages consist of detail photos and drawings of all the nooks and crannies modelers crave. Coverage then begins of every squadron in the USN and USMC that used the Big Banjo, totaling 123 pages. There is also an 11-page section covering the Banshee in Canadian use. The book concludes in the usual way with a summary and short review of all available model kits of the F2H-3/4.

I really enjoy all of the Ginter books. They are packed with detail and photos and marking information, just what a modeler wants. They are well researched and written. I do wish that there were more color photos but the lack of a high number of these does not in any way detract from the book. This is an outstanding book from a publisher with a long, long list of outstanding books! I cannot recommend this or any of the other Ginter titles highly enough. They are essential to any modeling or aircraft aficionado’s library.

The book is available from Ginter Books through their website above. Our thanks to Ginter Books for the review copy and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review it.


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