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Trumpeter Voroshilovets Tractor
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Masking kitset

These sets of masks are for the use in painting the model without painting the clear glass windows and lamps. The masks are made of a vinyl type of material and are different from the yellow “Tamiya” type of tape. Because they are of this vinyl type of material, they are much stiffer, but do allow you to place them fairly easily. However, it became a task to remove them without popping the glass out. There is a two part mask for the windshield that allows for a depiction of a dirty windshield that has been wiped clean by the windshield wipers. This worked very well and does make the weathering process easier.

The only complaint I have about the set, is that there are only enough for one side of the glass. And due to the stiffness of the vinyl when you remove it, it curls so bad that you can’t reuse it. So to make a second set for the inside of the glass, I took some Tamiya yellow masking tape and placed it on the holding paper that the vinyl masks were removed from. This created a form and I pressed the yellow masking tape down into the form and used a sharp blade to trace the edges and create a second mask of the same shape as the original. I then used them on the inside of the glass and was able to paint the entire model with all the glass masked.


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