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Eduard Bf-110G-4 Weekend, Kit # 7422
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This is the canopy mask for the Eduard 1/72 Bf-110G-4 Night fighter. It’s recommended for the Weekend kit, which is reviewed here: Eduard Bf-110g-4 weekend kit The ProfiPACK kit comes with the mask.

You get the mask and a very good set of instructions.

The mask is die cut on Kabuki tape, nice and thin and it sticks marvelously.

I have one trick. It’s very hard to see the edges of the mask items when they’re on the backing sheet. I slather on a tiny bit of acrylic black, like what’s used for weathering, and it picks out the edges nicely.

The canopy on the Bf-110 has only a couple of curved lines, so it would be moderately easy to mask using the “old school” method of masking one canopy frame, paint, peel of the tape and mask and paint another. However the sheer drudgery of doing this is almost painful. I spent almost 2 full hours masking the canopy parts. On the other hand, I spent almost 10 minutes painting the canopy. And I got a darned good looking job too.

I dipped the canopy parts in Future, just in case. Glad I did, as there was some overspray on the inside of a couple of parts, and they came off with a touch of enamel thinner on a QTip.

I highly recommend this mask for the Bf-110. The 110 has a lot of little rectangular windows and a few odd shaped ones, and this set makes the job less draconian.

Many thanks to Eduard for providing this item and making my life easier, and to IPMS USA for letting me review it.


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