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February 3, 2020
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After WWII Germany’s auto/truck industry was desperate for customers. The famous Deutz motors were mated to the Magirus haulers and they filled the Autobahn with their workhorse trucks. Magirus even found buyers in their former enemy; and sold thousands of units to the Russians.

This review covers the skill level 3 (ages 14 years and older) Magirus-Deutz 360M19 Canvas Truck 1:24 Scale Italeri Model Kit #3912. Aside from needing paint and glue, the reason this is a skill level 3 kit is because of the sheer amount of parts and large decals. It is just a great fitting kit with well detailed parts. I would say that an intermediate builder could easily assemble this into a nice display with little trouble. The cab has been issued in previous kits but the molds are still crisp. The inclusion of the canvas box body makes for a nice addition to the series. The kit has an amazing 280 pieces and is nicely molded in white, grey, black, steel, clear, and it includes rubber tires and waterslide decals. This is a detailed kit with a complete chassis and motor assembly. The interior is multiple parts but simple, just like the real truck. The body is a multi-part assembly and the decals are very high quality, providing two different versions to choose from. The instructions are well laid out and come in multiple languages. Finished dimensions are: Length: 14-5/8”, Width: 3¼”, Height: 7”

Construction and Detailing

This build begins with the chassis. Use some Superglue for strength and assemble the cross-members to one side then add the other rail. This will give the model a firm platform. Add the leaf springs and then the suspensions. There are no surprises and everything goes together with positive gluing points.

The motor consists of 27 nicely detailed pieces. The main block and heads can be assembled prior to paint for a good appearance. The tires are also nice and after paining them aluminum they assemble easily and mount properly. Note that the tires have markings on only one side, so make sure you mount them with the markings facing out. After installing the motor, driveshafts, final cross-members and tanks you’ll need to cut the body brace (see photo) and install that.

Next paint the exhaust in appropriate colors and install them. You need to make sure you install the exhaust tubing UNDER the existing engine parts. See the photo and red arrows. Those exhaust pipes connect to the exhaust tank when you align those parts but it is best to wait until you’ve placed the body on to ensure the correct fit.

The interior is sparse but assembles quickly and the gauge decals set it off nicely. Assemble the multi-part main cab with the bumper and spoiler and paint the cab. After that’s dry you can decal the cab and add the glass. Glue the doors and roof panel into place and install the interior tub. Add the fender wells and final pieces and add the cab to the chassis using the hinge and chassis pins. All the attendant pieces can be added to the cab in place. Add the stack to the cab.

This kit includes a nice canvas box so you’ll have to add the chassis extension for that. Add the license tag and taillights too. Assemble the box body adding the frame mounts. Paint the bed cab color and the canvas in a contrasting color. Install it onto the chassis where it looks right.

Note that this kit will also allow assembly of a regular semi cab as all the parts are in the box from previous versions. You are actually getting a 2n1 kit in this boxing!


Italeri has been making some good kits lately and this one will not disappoint you. All the moldings are crisp with zero-to-minimal flash. There is hardly any cleanup required. The motor and chassis are very detailed and there are parts to build a regular semi cab are included. The frame was warp-free and with some Superglue for strength it provides an excellent base. The suspensions and motor dropped into place nicely. Even the cab, although it is a multi-piece assembly went together easily and fit very well. The only issue I found in the entire kit was that were no alignment pins to locate the box body on the frame. You just have to use some slow setting glue and put in the proper position. Overall, it is an excellent kit for fit and subject matter and fills a void in the avid truck modeler’s lineup! I have to thank Italeri/Hobbico for marketing these great special subject truck kits and to IPMS for letting me review it to share with you!


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