M2/M3 Bradley In Action

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August 10, 2015
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David Doyle
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80 pages with over 130 photos.
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Squadron Signal Publication, In Action series has come out with a new book authored by David Doyle on the M2/M3 Bradley. The book starts out with an interdiction on how and why the Bradley came about. From the US Army’s open top M3 halftrack in WWII to the M113 APC the US Army needed a vehicle that could keep pace on the modern battle field with the latest tanks. The new vehicle would need to posses excellent firepower, speed and protection to transport troops. After a long development period the M2 Bradley joined the US Army. The book covers this development period well with good photos and text. The book continues with excellent photo references and text that follows the different upgrades and deployments that the Bradley has seen from the 1980’s, peace time Germany, Kosovo, the two Gulf wars and current training and uses. There are good photos that show how the crews stored there gear on these vehicles in peace time and war and how the crews lived & worked in these vehicles. The author presents a lot of excellent action photos taken during fighting in the first gulf war (Desert Storm) and OIF (Operation Iraq Freedom).


This is an excellent photo reference book for anyone interested in the Bradley Fighting vehicle and its history. The author has done a great job by presenting photos and explaining in text below each photo from the early beginning of this vehicle to the latest version in use today to tell the story of the Bradley. I recommend this book to all fans of the Bradley.

I would like to thank Squadron Publications supplying this book for review.


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