M1919 Browning .30 caliber (7.62mm) Empty Shells (25 pieces)

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Every once in a great while you run into something in the modeling world that really makes you stand up and take notice. I think Master Models has finally hit about the limit of size feasibility in the scale business – 1/35th scale empty .30 caliber shells that are literally on the edge of visibility for an old coot like me.

This package comes with 25 pieces that are absolutely remarkable for their size and detail. Despite their minuteness, they’re not just little pieces of brass rod, but actual shells with rims and a shell opening on one end. I honestly don’t know how they are even capable of manufacturing something this small – they’re smaller than grains of rice and are closer to the size of (hope this isn’t too disturbing) head lice. As you can see, they’re hard to photograph because they’re so small. Absolutely amazing!

There are literally endless scenarios where these can be useful. I, for one, am going to scatter some of these minute masterpieces on the turret deck of my Chaffee build, as they will add that final “used” look to the kit. As time goes on, I thoroughly expect to see these appearing on dozens or perhaps hundreds of dioramas on the net, as they are so beautifully made. You just can’t beat this level of quality.

I really can’t recommend these tiny shells highly enough. They are unique little gems, and will add something to every application. My hat off and a hearty thanks to Master Models for the skill to create such items, and my thanks to IPMS/USA for a chance to add this final finishing touch to a model that has for some time been missing that little “something special.” Fun!


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