M1 Abrams In Action

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David Doyle
978-0-89747-734-5 90000
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Softcover, 80 pages and more than 230 photographs plus detailed line drawing and a color profile
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As quoted from Squadron/Signal Publications " In Action books, despite the title of the genre, are books that trace the development of a single type of aircraft, armored vehicle, or ship from prototype to the final production variant. Experimental or "one-off" variants can also be included. Our first In Action book was printed in 1971".

The M-1 Abrams was designed to fight multiple Communist manned tanks in the forests of Europe. Even though the "Abrams" has been in combat, it has been limited to desert warfare. The M-1 was designed to be technologically superior and to provide the crew the best protection possible. During the M-1's career it has gone through many upgrades and modifications, both in technology, armor and armaments.

David Doyle has come through again with another great book. He does a great job with photo documentation from the M-1's beginning to present day. Most of the photos are from operations in Iraq with a very limited number from Afghanistan. The U.S. Army and USMC are the primary users of the M-1, but Australia, Kuwait and even Iraq are also operators of the M-1.

I recommend this book to anybody that is a fan or modeler of modern day heavy armor. There is definitely some diorama scenes that could be createdI would like to thank MMD-Squadron and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to do the review on this book.


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