Lockheed S-3A Viking Control Surfaces

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Pavla models has added a control surfaces set for the Hasegawa S-3A Viking to their 1/72 aircraft accessory line. When you look at the Hasegawa kit you realize why Pavla has made this set. There are absolutely no frills on this model. Even the torpedo bay doors are molded shut.

This offering is really a quality set of resin pieces; smooth, seamless and bubble free. The detail is also very nice and doesn’t need any extra work to bring out the detail. Some of the kit pieces will have to be cut from the kit so it isn’t for the faint of heart. Sometimes I still get nervous when I have to do plastic surgery and I also need to make sure I have plenty of Band Aids.

When the Pavla parts are compared to the kit parts, you can see how superior it is. The amount of detail is unreal. For one thing the rudder is one piece while the Hasegawa’s is molded on both halves of the fuselage which leaves a seam to deal with. The control surfaces on the horizontal stabs are moved, and so are the trim tabs. This makes the model look more “used”.

I highly recommend this product if you want a really superior looking model. It wasn’t just a drop in job because of the amount of cutting needed so I would recommend this to modelers with experience doing these kinds of improvements.

Thanks to Pavla models and IPMS/USA for the chance to do this review.


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