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This kit of the F-94C Starfire is a new release by a new company, Kitty Hawk. If this is any indication of future releases, I can’t wait.

I just love the whole line of early Lockheed fighters beginning with the P-80 and the T-33. This is the last of their subsonic fighters and the first one to be radar-equipped. The F-94 is actually an interceptor. It was armed with missiles that fired from four doors on the front of the nose. This was not too successful, as the firing of the missiles often caused an engine flameout. The “C” model added two rocket pods to the wings, and they were back in the interceptor business.

Now, on to the kit. To begin with, the F-94 is a big plane. All of the kit parts are nicely molded. The cockpit is especially well detailed with some perfectly fitting photo etched side consoles. The one failing in the cockpit is the seats. They are pretty basic. I replaced them with True Detail seats from Squadron.

The landing gear is beautiful and the wheels are well detailed with brakes and two-part flattened tires. I was given a set of Scale Aircraft Conversions landing gears for the F-94, so I used them The difference between the kit L/G and the SAC one is that the oleos are extended a bit, like the real aircraft.

Construction was pretty straightforward. The fit was very good and only the wing roots and intakes needed a bit of filler. One feature I really liked was that the clear canopy and frame were separate. This made it easy to paint without masking. Kitty Hawk even supplies three steel balls for nose weight. I wasn’t taking a chance on it being a tail-sitter, so I added a few lead sinkers in the nose. The wing tanks were in two parts, split vertically, so it made it easy to paint one side black the other aluminum.

As is my style, I primed the plane with Duplicolor automotive light grey primer. I then airbrushed Alclad polished aluminum. This gave me the desired effect I wanted.

As stated before, the landing gear is beautiful and fit perfectly. I modeled it with the airbrakes and dive brakes open. It looks cool to me to have everything hanging out.

After all the assembly and painting, I went on to the decals. They are beautiful and very thin. They went on smoothly with Micro Sol to keep them wet and help them settle around the compound curves.

I must say something about the decals. The ones supplied with the kit depict the one at the USAF Museum in Dayton, Ohio, and the one in the Pima Air Museum in Tucson, Az. I have some nice photos of both so I guess I’ll have to buy another kit so I can have a model of each.

Will I get another? You bet. I really loved building this kit. I hope Kitty Hawk comes out with more early jets like the F-89 and F9F-3.

I highly recommend this kit for hour of building enjoyment. Also, the price is just right.

I wish to thank Kitty Hawk and Steve Collins of IPMS/USA for giving me this fine kit to review.


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