Lo-Viz Rhino's - RF-4B, F-4N, F-4J, F-4S Decals

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August 6, 2012
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Furball Designs fourth issue is a set of markings for Hasegawa's 1/48th series of F-4's including the RF-4B, F-4N, F-4J, F-4S versions. There looks to be enough markings for two kits and there are ten total available. If you add stencils, you could use the entire sheet. The markings include:

  1. RF-4B, 153108, VMFP-3, RF/120, USS Midway, 1981
  2. F-4N, 151514, VF-21, NK/201, USS Coral Sea, 1983
  3. F-4S, 153877, VF-74, AA/101, USS Forrestal, 1982
  4. F-4J, 157281, VF-102, AE/101, USS Independence, 1982
  5. F-4S, 153877, VF-103, AE/201, USS Forrestal, 1982
  6. F-4N, 153066, VF-154, NK/100, USS Coral Sea, 1983
  7. F-4S, 153827, VF-151, NF/200, USS Midway, 1986
  8. F-4S, 155528, VF-171, AD/215, 1983
  9. F-4S, 155764, VMFA-235, DB/02, 1990
  10. F-4S, 155900, VMFA-321, MG/12, 1988

As for all Furball Design kits, the decals are from Cartograf and are perfect. The instructions include five pages of color with direction and color for each plane. Their are individual notes about the color and markings of each plane. Stenciling is included and has a separate black and white sheet. Lots of "No Steps" included!

These are highly recommended to lovers of the Rhino! Don't build your kit without them. My thanks to Geoff Martin and Furball Designs for the sample. Geoff does not have a web site but does have an E-Bay store or you can reach him via e-mail at furballaerodesign@gmail.com.


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