Leopard C2 Mexas with Dozer Blade

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April 5, 2019
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MENG revised its very good 2013 Leopard kit with new parts to build a Canadian C2 Mexas with the option to fit a dozer blade.

I jumped at the opportunity to review this kit for three reasons, firstly it’s a Canadian main battle tank, it’s by MENG and last by far from least is that a fellow Canadian military specialist Anthony Sewards assisted on the kits research. He also highly recommends this kit for its accuracy which is real praise!

In the box is:

  • 12 x light tan sprues
  • 1 clear sprue
  • 1 lower hull in light tan
  • 1 turret in light tan
  • 1 upper hull in light tan
  • 1 small decal sheet
  • 1 tow cable
  • Polycap’s - big and small
  • 2 rubber band type tracks
  • 2 photoetch sheets (small)
  • 1 instruction booklet
  • 1 color guide booklet (in color)

The kit consists of a lot of sprues which some parts not required for this version, the sprues are extremely well molded with great detail; the decals allow you to finish the tank in four different markings two with the Dozer blade.


Stages 1 to 4 is the construction of the road wheels which I did find a little flash on. Next on to lower hull suspension parts. The parts F21 and F13 did have some sink marks which needs filling. Other than that the parts go together extremely well

Stage 5 The tracks are next and are the band type, one of the ones in my review kit was twisted in the box so needed to be reshaped a bit with warm water and laid under a heavy book for a day or so.

Stage 6 to 8 is the upper and rear hull assembly; the kit went to together extremely well.

Stage 9 and 10 is the assembly of the front and side skirt armor. The assembly here need to be in a certain order to help the build. I suggest installing the A27 and A28 to the sub assembly G and H first to make it easier.

Stages 11 to 14 are the addition of the upper hull detail parts. My only comments here is be careful of the cable length as I found the cable supplied with my kit was too short to cut to the length stated in the instructions so just half it. The other point is again be careful with the order of the parts assembled at stage 13, also you need at this point to select if you are building it with the Dozer blade or not.

Stages 14 to 18 are only for those installed the dozer blade which I am! This when very well with no issues at all.

Stages 19 to 27 are the main turret build and once again was very easy and with no problems. The only thing to point out is there a few of options for builders during these stages, one the gun elevation and the other in regard to the final tank option you are going to build. Lastly the option to have the turret hatches open or closed.

Stages 28 to 31 is the add on armor for the turret, this again was also very well designed and no problems were encountered.

Now for the final stages 32 to 36 is the details for the turret and added the turret to the main hull assembly.

Lastly decals were added for my selected version which was the C one 2nd Troop A squadron Lord Strathcona’s horse.

I painted the stages as I build the tank as I found that best with the amount of added on armor needed for the tank.


This was a fantastic kit, it goes together like a dream and I highly recommend it. One every Canadian Armor modeler should build!

Thanks go to MENG models for providing this kit to review and IPMS USA for allowing me to review it for them.


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