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February 5, 2021
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The LAU-131 is a seven shot rocket pod commonly used on USAF fighter, attack and rotary wing aircraft. A variety of rockets can be caried in this pod including the Hydra 70 rocket. This set is for the original LAU-131A which is shorter than the extended version LAU-131A/A that can carry APKWS II.

Packaged in a sturdy plastic box, resin is protected by bubble wrap with all parts flash free and cast in light gray resin. A nice touch is the pour block on the pod is on the underside opposite the side on where it connects to the pylon. This makes it easy to remove that portion and sand contour without damaging features.

The set contains two components, rocket tube, two version of ends which also include the lifting lugs. There are two choices, with rockets or an empty dispenser. The set does not include the front and rear covers however I have rarely seen these pods with covers installed. These parts can easily be sanded free of the pour base. Instructions clearly show the components to install and painting note. Decals are not included so you may need aftermarket decals or leave unmarked.

The only thing I need to worry myself with is deciding on what kit to put this on, F-16, A-10 or other, then again I can always get another set! Two pods are included in the set.

I would like to thank Brengun for this review sample.


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