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March 21, 2015
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Manufactured in the Czech Republic, this kit contains seven pieces of light gray resin, and an instruction sheet. All parts are nicely cast, and have a pour gate attached. The parts are contained within a small zip lock type bag.

The parts list shows a base, two sides, a back, roof, door and seat. The first order of business is removing the pour gates from the parts. A few passes with a razor saw made swift work of removing them. My sample had some flash in the seat opening and heart on the door, and a quick removal was accomplished with a #11 Exacto blade. The parts are nicely cast and no other work was needed to prepare for assembly and paint.

I washed all the parts in warm water and a small amount of mild hand soap to remove any release agent present. After drying a short time, I primed everything with Testors enamel flat white. After this coat dried 24 hours, I painted everything with two coats of Vallejo Flat Earth as a color coat. After that dried a short time later I used Shadow Brown oil paint from MIG productions to deepen the cracks between the wood slats and the cast in wood grain. A few days later I used MIG powders to highlight the wood and give everything some depth. After everything was dry, I assembled all the parts using white glue.

This was my first experience using a Hauler product. I was very impressed with the kit. The parts were very easy to clean up. They took paint well, and looks great when finished. Being in 1/35 scale this kit could be used in a variety of diorama ideas!! I used white glue to assemble my sample because I have an idea for a vignette that will feature this outhouse, and I want to be able to assemble it with a figure inside. I think it will be easier to put a figure inside if the structure was assembled around the figure, hence the white glue. When my vignette is done I will reassemble it with superglue.

I enjoyed building an outhouse!! It’s way far off the trail of what I normally build, and that may be true for most modelers. (I don’t know of any modelers that specialize in outhouses!!) It went together well, and looks good when completed. There is a good amount of detail molded into the parts with wood grain prominent on all the parts, and a locking hook is on the interior of the door, a nice touch!! If someone wanted to display it with an open door, there’s plenty of room to add extra details, a roll of paper, or a Montgomery Ward catalog might be an addition one might add!! The heart on the door is interesting, which may be something used in Europe. I would recommend this kit to any modeler who is building a diorama or vignette, or just wants to build a small out building. There are many possibilities for its use, all you need to do it come up with one!!!

My thanks to Hauler Kits and Accessories and IPMS for supplying this sample for review.


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