Lamborghini Countach 5000 Quattrovalvole

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February 10, 2020
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After ten years of Countach production, the 1985 four valve per cylinder “Quattrovalvole“ V-12 coupled with a new fuel injection system was a significant upgrade. If that wasn’t enough for auto enthusiast they only made 610 of them which sold out immediately.

This review covers the skill level 5 (ages 14 years and older) 2016 release of the Lamborghini Countach 5000 Quattrovalvole 1:24 Scale Italeri Model Kit #3683. This kit is molded in white, grey, black, chrome, and clear with vinyl tires. Decals are made for the detailed interior and the chassis is made in multiple parts for enhanced finishing. The motor is highly detailed and can be viewed through the open engine cover. The body is also a multi-part unit crisply molded and proportionally correct. Finished dimensions are Length 7-¼”, Width 3”, Height 2”.

Construction and Detailing

The body is molded in color (white) but there are some knit lines that are visible so primer and paint are recommended for an even color finish.

The build begins with the front suspension and although the parts are spindly the contact points are well defined and fit together properly on the front pan so it is easy to assemble if you take your time using some Superglue for strength.

The engine is a crisply detailed 20-piece assembly that goes together well. You can assemble the base motor and paint it aluminum as a unit then add the accessory parts for a nice looking motor.

The rear suspension is a little trickier than the front but again everything fits perfectly – you just have to focus on the instructions and use some super glue for strength. Assemble the sub-frame and paint that aluminum before adding the rest to the rear suspension plate. Adding the suspensions to the chassis plate is straightforward and the contact points are correct.

Wheel construction is easy – just remember to align the holes in the rims. The tires are added to the chassis with axle pins so you have to be careful to place a small amount of glue to the ends of the pins only to allow rotation of the wheels.

The interior falls together and it’s pretty sparse but you can add a few chrome-silver highlights to break it up. The dash gauges are supplied by a nice looking decal too.

The body has minimal flash and parting lines and a fine-grit sanding is all that’s needed to prep for paint. Most of the body can be assembled prior to paint. Install the front bumper. Add the rear panel and exhaust panel. Assemble the grilles in the engine cover. Add the fender flares and install the grilles into the vents but do not install the vents. Assemble the wing but do not install it. Prime and dry then paint the body and associated pieces with your choice of color. After the paint is cured you can add the panels and wings, etc., because the body has a considerable amount of flat and semi-gloss black trim and it’s best to do that before adding the rest of the exterior components front and back.

The rest of the exterior parts are then assembled and the turn signal lighting can be highlighted before construction. The lights and the bumpers were all tight but fit perfectly. When you mate the body to the chassis start at the rear and spread the sides apart to drop the chassis into place and then you can slide the pan forward to fit under the front fascia; fully seating the body. Adding the exhaust tips is last and completes the build except for the few body emblem and license plate decals.


Italeri kits are always good fit and finish and this is no exception. The moldings are clean and blemish free with only a few spots that are hidden when built. The suspension is very detailed and fits perfectly into the chassis with a little finesse. The engine is as detailed and looks very nice once installed. Space is tight but fitment is perfect. The interior is bland like the real car and the dash instrumentation is a decal. Overall the interior looks nice but use a dark color to hide the lack of detail. The body is a multiple part unit and other than some minor warpage of the parts fitment was perfect and there were no issues to mention. Even the minor warpage was easily fixed when glued in place. Most of the assembly can be done before paint work and then detail painting completed after final assembly can be finished prior to a clear-coat. This kit builds into a great looking display because the fit and finish are excellent! I would like to thank Hobbico for supplying the kit and IPMS for letting me share this review with you.


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