L-29 Delfin Antennas

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April 13, 2017
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The L-29 Delfin was a jet-powered trainer airplane that was designed by the Aero Company of Czechoslovakia. An excellent kit of the Delfin has recently been released in 1/72 scale by AMK. Although this kit, in my opinion, is very good, our friends at Aires/Quickboost have found some areas where the accuracy of various parts can be improved.

This set from Quickboost provides replacement Antennas. The AMK kit provides a small “T” shaped antenna for under the left wing and a reasonable swept antenna for the top of the fuselage. The picture of my completed review model shows the kit upper fuselage antenna after painting.

An inspection of the actual aircraft shows that the under-wing antenna is very thin and consists of two separate tubes going up into the wing. I am attaching a photo showing the comparison between the kit part and the Quickboost part. Note, I have not cleaned up the parts but they do show a day and night difference. The fineness of the Quickboost part will make it very fragile. Quickboost have kindly provided two of the under-wing antennas in case one gets damaged during removal from the casting block or during subsequent assembly or display.

I have attached a photo showing the comparison of the kit and Quickboost parts for the fuselage mounted antenna. Again, Quickboost has provided a thinner, more scale part, particularly as it relates to the thin rod that extends from the rear of the antenna. A check of photos shows that the Delfin sometimes features a slightly different fuselage antenna. The alternate design features rods extending both rearward and forward. This alternative is provided and the antenna rods are very thin.

As I have said before, the AMK kit of the Delfin is a good kit, but these replacement parts will improve the final appearance of your model. This set should be available from any dealer who sells the Aires/Quickboost line. Well recommended. A big thanks to Quickboost for providing this great product and to IPMS for letting me have this review.


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