Kubelwagen and Schwimmwagen – A Visual History of German Army’s Multi-Purpose Vehicles.

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January 16, 2017
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136 pages
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Company: David Doyle Books - Website: Visit Site
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The book explores the history of both the Kubelwagen and the Schwimmwagen in photos.

The visual history series of book mixes rare and visual stunning archival imagery with pictures of restored vehicles.

The book has some extremely interesting and diverse photos of both vehicles. A number of photos that I had never seen before made this a very fascinating book. I could spend hours looking at the pictures that are worth a million words! There are some wonderful pictures showing captured versions – idea for model inspiration.

The pictures depict many versions of the vehicles and there is some very detailed walk around photos included. The close up pictures are great at showing the details of the vehicles.

I whole heartily recommend this book to everyone with an interest in these vehicles; it has great reference photos. It is a great book for modelers.

I look forward greatly to others in the series, especially if they are by David Doyle.

Thanks go to David Doyle for providing this book for review and IPMS USA for allowing me to review this book for them.


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