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February 1, 2021
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There seems to be a budding trend in the scale modeling world toward the 'one true scale' of 1/144th models and dioramas. Any number of manufactures have been, for years, been producing some wonderful, small scale armor and aircraft kits. One thing that may have been missing is the ability of the modelers to place their latest small scale creations into context. Diorama or vignette builders have been somewhat at a disadvantage with the lack of 1/144th scaled vehicles with which to enhance the presentation of their small scale projects.

We are at a disadvantage no longer. Brengun, along with some other manufacturers, have been producing some lovely 1/144th scale for some few days now. Brengun has extensive offerings from which to choose: US / German staff cars, US jeep, Russian BTR's, GAZ-69, and now a 1/144th scale German Kubelwagen.

By design these kits are simplicity itself with parts that are in light gray resin, photo-etched accessory bits and clear acetate for windscreens. This kit, along with the others available from Brengun, also include decals. Another nice feature of these 1/144th scale construction kits from Brengun is the inclusion of two complete models.

Assembly of the Kubelwagen is simple. The most difficult aspect of assembly is removing the parts from the casting sprues. After attaching the wheels/tires and the photo-etched windscreen frame, license plates, steering wheel and shovel the kit is assembled...all that's left to do is choose a paint scheme.

The assembly instructions include a facsimile of the parts and three simple steps to assemble the Kubelwagen . One thing that isn't mentioned on the instructions involves the clear acetate for the windscreens. Not a huge problem because the average modeler will figure it out without too much fuss. Another area of note are the decals. Don't get me wrong, the decals are nicely printed and go on well They are printed on a small sheet of backing paper and the decal carrier film covers the entire sheet. Just carefully cut around the decals to remove that excess film and the problem will be solved.

This 1/144th scale Kubelwagen from Brengun is a lovely kit that will enhance anyone's next diorama or vignette. There is more than enough detail provided in this kit that it will and does hold it's own as a stand alone model. Can a 1/144th scale Schwimmwagen be far behind...?

My thanks to Brengun and IPMS/USA for the review copy.

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