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The KTO Rosomak is a Polish 8x8 wheeled Infantry Fighting Vehicle. This smoke grenade launcher upgrade set is made for the IBG Models KTP Rosomak Polish APC – “The Green Devil”, kit number 35032 and for kit number 35033, the basic Polish APC. It is designed to be used with any Rosomak that have the 30mm turret.

This aftermarket kit consists of a resin plate, six brass launcher tubes, two types of resin tube covers and five very small brass rivets. The kit is very well packed in clear plastic bubble pack that is stapled to a backing card. There is a one-page instruction sheet that is inside this backing card. The parts are housed in cutouts in the foam backing, so they are very well secured and easy to see while still packaged.

The resin feels more like plastic to me, then the resin I am used to on other aftermarket products. It is grey and cuts very easily with a hobby knife, with little resin dust from sanding. It seems to be a lot softer and less brittle then other resin I have used. Plus, there were no casting blemishes. The caps are cast on a thin sheet of resin. The best way to remove them is to gently cut them off with a sharp hobby knife. I just slide the knife along the flat resin sheet where the caps and sheet meet. The caps seem to have a thinned area here and come off easily, but care is needed. I messed up a couple by trying to cut to hard. I could use my fingernail to remove the small amount of resin flashing from the caps after cutting them off.

When you go to mount the base plate to the model, you will have to glue it on, then drill .5mm holes in each corner and add the very tiny rivets. There are shallow holes molder in the guide the drilling. Master also makes three other aftermarket upgrades for a KTO Rosomak, a 30mm brass barrel and two antenna upgrades.

I would like to thank Master Models and IPMS for the opportunity to review this aftermarket detail kit.


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