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(from The Battleship Bismarck, By Stefan Draminski

German battleships and heavy cruisers were equipped with seven searchlights for illumination at night or in poor visibility conditions. They were produced by Siemens-Schuckertwerke and had a diameter of 1500 mm. Three signal lamps were also provided: one on either side of the admiral’s bridge, and one on a platform at the base of the mainmast.

Veteran Models Searchlight Set provides seven 1540 mm searchlights and three signal lamps, both with transparent plastic lenses. The kit includes extremely finely cast resin parts with amazing detail, and a small photoetch fret, also with amazing detail. The resin pieces are exquisitely cast with virtually no imperfections. There is some minor flash on the parts, but no bubbles or voids. Some of the resin and photoetch pieces are extremely small and delicate.

Each searchlight assembly includes 18 parts and is built in six steps. The searchlight can be assembled with a movable lamp assembly or it can be fixed in place.

The signal lamp includes five pieces including some very small and delicate handhold brackets.

This kit is extremely well done, and if assembled patiently with the small parts will result in an incredibly detailed accessory. Other than being very small, the parts go together very well and add excellent detail.

Thanks to Veteran Models for producing these excellent, extremely finely detailed accessories and providing review samples to IPMS.


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