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For directing the 38cm and 15cm guns, Bismarck was equipped with three armored fire control posts (in the conning tower, on the foretop, and on top of the aft superstructure. The main and aft control posts were equipped with 10.5m rangefinders, while the front control post received a 7m rangefinder. Each station was also equipped with optical target givers (Zielgeber C/38 S), two pieces in the aft post and three each in the fore and main posts. Binocular columns were also probably placed in the fire control posts. Veteran Models provides a diagram of the Bismarck showing possible locations for the equipment. The Battleship Bismarck By Stefan Draminski

Veteran Models Kit

Veteran Models Kriegsmarine Observation Equipment set provides 12 DF 10 x 80 binoculars on columns, 10 compasses, and 10 pieces of the C/38 S Target Givers. The resin pieces are exquisitely cast with extremely fine detail, and virtually no imperfections. The small photoetch fret provide elevating handles and braces for the binocular columns, and the compass hand ring.

Other than being very small, the parts go together very well and add excellent detail.

Thanks to Veteran Models for producing these excellent accessories and providing review samples to IPMS.


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