Kozak-001 Ukrainian National Guard

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Unfortunately I lost the picture of the unboxing, but this kit comes with 7 sprues molded in grey, 2 clear, black vinyl tires, a small photo-etch and a small decal sheet. First impressions- this kit is very detailed and clean. By clean I mean very minimal flash to remove at all. The instructions have extremely clear pictures and type.Very easy to follow and know what you are looking at.


I am highly impressed by the detail on this! The console in the cab even has cup holders! So many pieces! I would advise you to take your time and enjoy this kit!

In all honesty, this kit is probably a bit beyond my skill set. With my shaky hands and diminishing eyesight, the small details of this kit are a bit more than I can handle. Not to say I am not enjoying it. I am just going to say that as happy as I am with it, I know some other model builders will be able to do a much better job than I did.


The decals are VERY thin. This is great for being able to hide the decal edges, but you better hope you get it in the right spot the first time. Of course, the bigger the decal, the easier it is to curl it over or rip it.

Each seat has multiple parts in the assembly.The seats behind driver/passenger each have multiple handholds to assemble. These are EXTREMELY fragile. Even going very slowly and carefully with them I have snapped half of them. I list this, not as a problem with the manufacturer, but to advise you again to TAKE YOUR TIME.


I would say that this kit is a high skill level kit- it calls for a steady hand and a keen eye. It is highly detailed, but that means it has a lot of very small or fragile pieces. Even though the completion is not what I had hoped, it is still an eye-catchingpresence on my shelf. ICM has made a beautiful kit, and in spite of the skill level being probably higher than I am able to do myself, I still HIGHLY recommend it! ICM has a product here that they should be very proud of.


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