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Round 2 and Polar Lights has begun releasing full resin kits with The Wicked Witch, Kane from Alien and this kit, King Kong Triumphant. All of these kits are made of cold cast resin. This kit represents King Kong after the fight with the T-rex standing triumphantly on top of his beaten opponent. The kit was sculpted by Gabriel Marquez and represents the "long face" Kong from the film as animated by Willis O'Brien.

This kit is packed in perfect Styrofoam packaging with each piece nestling into a hole precut for it. The kit comes with Kong’s main body, his two arms, the base with the dead T-Rex and the dinosaurs left forearm. The kit has minimal to no seams with just a little clean up around the head of the dinosaur and a few in the fur. I prepped the kit using a Dremel with diamond bits and had it ready in no time.

Assembly is made easy as the fit is good. I started by attaching the arms to Kong’s body using super glue and kicker. I also attached the T-Rex arm into the socket. The thing to make the kit look the best is to mesh the two pieces together and have the fur on the arms and body blend together. The same goes with the dinosaurs arm. To do this, I use Aves Apoxie sculpt. I mixed the two parts and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes to firm up a little. If you have never used this stuff, it is perfect for this. It can be smoothed with water, can be sculpted into any shape and dries hard and can be sanded. I rolled out a small sausage shape and wrapped it around the arm where the seam was. I used my wet fingers to get it in place. I then used a set of wooden tools to dig in grooves for the frustrating on the kit and working my way into the Apoxie Sculpt. Once I had the general pattern of the hair matching, I used an old brush wet with water to smooth the material and then set aside to dry for a day. I followed the same process for all the seams on the arms. I did not attach Kong to the base yet to simplify painting. I primed the kit with Alclad gray primer.

In looking at the movie, both Kong and the T-Rex were a very monochromatic. I started by painting the T-Rex with a tan underside and green top. I broke up the top color with some striping- not accurate but I like the way it looks. I added a dark brown-black wash over the entire body. I used Tamiya smoke to add depth to the wonderfully sculpted curves and folds in the skin. The inside of the mouth was painted a dark pink with brown washes and lighter pink highlights. The teeth were painted off white with whiter tips. The eyes were painted and then a white wash over them to indicate he is expired! To finish off the base, I painted the dirt portions with various washes and then gave the rocks some gray highlights.

On to Kong- in the movie, he is black. This is where I started with a flat black coat followed by a black wash. I painted the mouth similar to the T-Rex and painted the eyes to look human with brown. While all this was going on, I painted the feet which are attached to the base. These were down with a brush as masking would be difficult. Once I got this far, I flat coated Kong. I then dry brushed the entire figure with a gray brown concentrating the highlights on the areas which sat up higher or that would show lights. I added the same effect to the feet. I repeated this process twice lightening the color each time and adding less to the kit. I flat coated all the parts.

To finish off the kit, I glued Kong onto his feet and set about sculpting the feet in using the same process as above. The nice thing about water and Aves is that it has minimal effect on the painted parts. I was careful to minimize the mess and faired it in nicely. I then painted the entire faired in section.

The entire kit was given two good coats of flat and then both eyes and mouths given some multiple clear coats to shine them up.

This is a wonderful kit. Great subject, great sculpt with good fit and great casting. A most highly recommended to all fans of the Horror, SciFi and Kong. My thanks to Round 2 for producing this wonderful kit.


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