Kevin Dallimore's Painting and Modelling Guide Master Class

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Kevin Dallimore
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Hardcover, 8.5 x 12, 320 pages, 982 color images
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Company: Foundry Publications - Website: Visit Site
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Kevin Dallimore’s book might be the one-stop shop for the figure painter. It briefly covers the basics of figure preparation and painting (showing step-by-step pictures of the 3-color method) on the first 30 pages and then dives into different painting styles and projects. Some of the techniques described in the book include: 5-color method, dry-brushing; diluted washes; non-metallic paint for metallic looking finishes; textured leather; ancient shield painting; skeletons and more.

The above techniques are applied to a wide range of subjects, from Napoleonic figures, to Ancient Romans, Sci-Fi, Fantasy figures (Orcs of all kinds and colors), WW2 paratroopers, Old West characters and animals. Step-by-Step pictures clearly explain and show how to achieve realistic finishes by methodically applying the techniques described in the book.

The author has invited writers in different sections of the book that highlight particular techniques and finishing details. I really like the style of including other writers in the book. It allows for a more complete and comprehensive approach to figure painting by having different people explain how to apply different techniques and achieve different effects.

The book also includes some special sections on making bases, vehicles, diorama and figure conversion by showing how to re-positioning arms and legs if needed. One highlight of the special sections is the scratch-build construction of a 30-inch long African river steamer with space for 75 28-mm figures!

Foundry color paint names are used thoroughly in this book, but it does not limit the value of the book, as the color names are descriptive and the shade/highlight method can be made from your own paints by mixing them as needed.

The book has a series of appendixes that include the paint color range, brushes and modeling equipment from the Foundry Line.

This book is recommended to the intermediate and advanced figure painter. I would like to thank Foundry Publications and Casemate Publishing and IPMS/USA for the review copy.


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