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February 24, 2016
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Academy is one of the most eclectic kit manufacturers on the market. Not only do they make traditional models in a range of scales, they also make educational kits such as this one. It’s nice to see a mainstream company try a variety of strategies to entice younger modelers into the hobby.

The Kit

There are four sprues, all of translucent plastic that are of different colors. The plastic is on the soft side, but certainly strong enough to meet the demands of moving the kayak through the water. For those of us not mechanically inclined, the motor and gear box are pre-assembled, so no fears of trying to trying to become an electrician or mechanical engineer. There is a small sheet of stickers for the little robot man, but that’s about it.


You absolutely have to follow the instructions and the order of assembly if you want the mechanism to work properly. No glue is required and the pieces fit into their proper places without any problems. All you have to do insure is that the pieces fit snuggly. The first part of the assembly process is devoted to building the arms and basic structure that the kayak man rests. The body and arms articulate and once the parts are put together, they move! You have to wire in the terminals for the battery, but the rest of the motor and gearing is already assembled and drops into the superstructure with ease. The last step is building up the arm mechanism and the paddles. If you put everything together properly, the motor should turn on and the arms swivel back-and-forth like a kayaker. The very last step is putting the man into the plastic hull of the boat.


No painting required. The stickers easily adhere to the plastic and should not be any problem for kids. While my little kayak man seemed to go in circles in the bath tub, it didn’t matter. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. It’s a great way to introduce kids to modeling. My thanks to IPMS, MRC, and Academy Models for giving me the opportunity to review this kit.


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