Kawasaki C-1 Combo (2 Kits) Limited Edition

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The Kawasaki C-1 began development in 1966 to replace the JASDF C-46 fleet. It went into service in 1974, and is still serving today.

Before we start, I’ll let you know that this is not a motorcycle kit. It is an aircraft. I am sorry to disappoint, but just wanted to clear the air before I went any farther.

This kit includes two complete aircraft, consisting of four sprues per plane, for a total of eight sprues in the box. On the decal sheet there are enough markings that you can build any two out 25 airframes. You will need to check your references as the instructions call out one airframe in three different schemes. One of the decal options is for a 50th anniversary of the JASDF scheme.

The parts are molded in a light grey plastic. I cut the two fuselage parts off to test fit them, and they mated up very nicely. One thing that I did notice is the plastic is a little on the hard side. It could also be that my Exacto needs a new blade. Not a big deal in my eyes. The kit is molded with very fine recessed panel lines that should really look good once the model is painted. There is no interior, but in this scale what are you going to see?

Overall this is a beautiful little kit. If you are a fan of transport aircraft this can add an interesting piece to your collection, or if you are a fan of the JASDF it will fit in nicely with the rest of the aircraft in your collection.

I would like to thank Hobbico and IPMS/USA for affording me the opportunity to review this kit.


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