Junkers Ju-88A-4

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Sebastian Piechowiak
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Paperback, 80 color photos, 35 archival photos, 24 renders, 4 color profiles
Company: Kagero Publishing - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Casemate Publishers - Website: Visit Site

The first in a new Kagero series (Club 1/48), author and modeler Sebastian Piechowiak presents his build log of ICM’s 1/48 Junkers Ju-88A-4 model. With text in both Polish & English, he describes his build in a step-by-step fashion. Obviously an accomplished and talented artist, the close-up photos are greatly appreciated, showing off his techniques and results, particularly in the cockpit/interior stages.

The first 17 pages are dedicated to the step-by-step build/painting. Pages 18-25 are glamor shots of the completed model. Pages 26-27 contain info and pictures of all the tools, paints, cements & solutions used in his project, which I thought was very helpful to the reader considering a similar project. Pages 28-37 contain gorgeous, archival photos of the Ju-88A-4 in wartime action. Admittedly, I’m not as interested in this airframe as I am in fighters, so none of these pictures have ever been seen by me. I suspect they’ll be unfamiliar to even the die-hard Ju-88 fan, as most of them are unusual, and highly interesting. Pages 38-46 close out this issue, featuring computer renderings of the onboard weapons, cockpit equipment, main landing gear, and 4-view airframe shots. I found this section to be a thoughtful inclusion for the super-detailers and scratchbuilders to have as a reference.

The book also contains a sheet of canopy masks, which the reader can assume are for the ICM kit.

All in all, this book is a very enjoyable read, and an excellent reference for those modelers wanting to improve their techniques and skills. Club 1/48 is a new series that I am personally excited to see grow (No.2, featuring the Douglas DB-7 A20G Havoc will be released July 7th, 2022). My thanks and gratitude got to Casemate Publishing and IPMS/USA for the review sample.


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