Junkers Ju-87 Stuka

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Matthew Willis & Robert Michulec Matthew Willis & Robert Michulec
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Hardcover, 128 pages, 8.5x12, color illustrations, `1/72 scale plans, black & while archive photographs
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This publication is the 2nd Edition of the book which was originally released in March, 2008 and out of print since 2011. You can view the book on Youtube.

Authored by Matthew Willis and Robert Michulec, illustrated with color profiles by Simon Schatz, this edition covers all variants and versions of the Stuka from inception of the Stuka program through the last variant.

The Big Yellow Series, of which this book is the latest release, is known for high quality color illustrations that feature camouflage and markings, walk-around color photographs, and black & white archive images. The book is chock-full of 1/72nd scale profile drawings and also some exceptional color profile illustrations.

The text is thorough and engaging. The images and illustrations support the text and provide a wealth of detail for the modeler. Detailed illustrations and photographs of such components as the instrument panel, undercarriage, canopy, pilot and gunner’s seats, cockpit components, and the power plant will inspire modelers to go that extra mile and engage in some super-detailing.

The content is, mostly, organized by variant and includes a chapter on “Ju-87 Genesis”, “The First Prototypes” to “German Ground Attack Aces”.

This publication is highly recommended due to the prolific number of excellent profile drawings, excellent price, massive amount of images and photographs showing “detail”, and superb 1/72nd scale ilustrations. Thanks to Mushroom Models Publications for providing this book for review by IPMS/USA.


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