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It has been a while since Revell released this 1/72 scale Junkers J.13 kit, but given their history of re-release, I would hope to see this little gem of kit again in the next year or two. Lumir at Master-X models has recently released three resin / decal sets to upgrade your Revell F.13 kits. Two sets are geared to the wheeled kit, and the third is designed to work with the pontoon geared F.13 kit.

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Set 2 “TV+OO” 7222.02 www.master-x.wz.cz/TVOO.html $8
Set 3 “Tauchente” 7222.03 www.master-x.wz.cz/tauchente.html $8
Set 4 “Kronenreicher” 7222.04 www.master-x.wz.cz/kronenreicher.html $13

I had an opportunity to build one of the Master-X resin kits last year, and I was suitably impressed with the quality of the resin, molding, and decals. I finally got my hands on the land based version of the Junkers, and thought I’d have a go at doing the conversion. The resin bits included in the set have for the most part had the pour stubs removed, and only a little sanding will be required. From what I can see (and you should too from the photos), a little work will be required. The first issue I will have to tackle is the fuselage top. The piece looks a bit short at the aft end, and a little help from some epoxy putty or styrene will be needed. Another option (and one I will probably use) is to cut the resin piece in front of the cockpit on the panel line, and join the aft kit part with the nose resin portion. No matter which way I go, the original hole where the fin joins the fuselage will need to be filled.

The ailerons also need a bit of attention. Looking at the shape as defined in the plans, the resin parts will need to sanded just a bit on the inboard portion to make them match the plan-form. Outside of what I mentioned in this review everything else looks great.

Highly recommended!

I want to thank Lumir at Master-X models and the IPMS USA for the chance to review this detail set.


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