Ju88a-4 Bomber + Luftwaffe Ground Crew

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January 15, 2011
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Company: Dragon Models - Website: Visit Site
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Editor's note: This kit is from Dragon's Cyberhobby line.

HISTORY:The JU88 can be considered Germany’s equivalent to the British Mosquito. Production of the JU88 family totaled about 1,500 aircraft. The bomber first flew in December 1936. The aircraft had several engine variations, from water-cooled to air-cooled radials. Its top air speed was 292 mph, operational ceiling of 26,900 feet, with a crew of four.

KIT:The kit is made up of injection molded gray plastic parts. The parts were well detailed and in excellent condition.

CONSTRUCTION:I started with detailing the cockpit, adding detailed seats, control stick, control pedals, and radio gear. The cockpit details were then incorporated into the fuselage, completing the fuselage assembly. Next, the wing and engine cowling were assembled. Up to this point, everything went well. I had a little trouble installing some wheel well details (landing gear retractor?), therefore I omitted them. I felt the instruction sheet fell short in the explanation of this detail. The wings were then assembled to the fuselage. I had to add some filler at the wing to fuselage join. Next came the underbody part and tail surfaces.

The kit also comes with two ground crew figures, bomb dolly and several bombs. Note: The bomb dolly is fragile so take care on assembly of this unit.

FINISHING:The paint used is Model Masters enamel and acrylics. Also some Floquil black was included. The paint went on well and I left it to dry a few days. I sprayed the area with Testor’s gloss where the decals were to be applied. Decals went on easily with no problems. I used the North African color and decal scheme of 1942/1943. With the decals set, I finished spraying with Testor’s Dullcote. I then added the canopies. Note: I did not stripe the canopy structure, as I did not wish to hide the cockpit details at this time.

IMPRESSION:The kit was a pleasure to build. The following areas of the instruction sheet were not clear to me: landing gear, upper aft-fuselage/radar canopy (is it raised or recessed?). Last, but not least, the landing light - is it protruding or flush? I recommend the kit to a more experienced modeler. There are many tiny parts, two of which I lost to never-never land.

I wish to thank the members of IPMS for allowing me to build and review this model. Also, I would like to convey my thanks to Dragon, Cyber Hobby for supplying the kit


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