Ju-88 Wing Bomb Rack and Loading System

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August 16, 2012
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Any Ju-88 in 32nd scale
Company: Profimodeller
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On occasion there is just something that comes out that you want to say, “WOW, what a great idea!” This is one of those products and one of those occasions. The wing racks in this package are nice enough but the addition of the bomb loading system is so cool! If you build dioramas this is a set that you must have.

The set provides approximately 50 resin parts molded in light yellow resin that are perfectly cast and blemish free. That said, my two wing rack ejector systems had two sway braces broken off in transit. Not a big deal as the resin pieces are kept in a Ziploc bag. There is a small fret of photo etch pieces as well. A length of wire is included to allow the modeler to “use” the pulley system.

The set is designed with the diorama modeler in mind. You get two bomb sleds and two SC1000 bombs to fit on them should you elect to do so. I’d leave one on the sled and the other would have to be suspended which is what distinguishes this set apart from anything I’ve seen before. You get the straps, pulleys, cables and control box for the hoist system. With this set you can hang a bomb from the center section or the wing racks in any position from the sled up to the bomb rack. The detail is exquisite and when accompanied with Profimodeller’s tail wheel bay set (32017) this is truly a unique set up for the Ju-88.

Seeing this set in such a large scale makes me wish we could have it in 1/48th scale as well. The only thing missing from this set are the figures.

This product is highly recommended. Thanks to Profimodeller and IPMS/USA for the review copy.


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