Ju-88 On the Russian Front

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John Weal
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Paperback; November 2010; 96 pages
Company: Osprey Publishing - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Osprey Publishing - Website: Visit Site
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Illustrator and author, John Weal, has provided the third and final publication in the Ju-88 trilogy with the release of Ju-88 Kampfgeschwader on the Russian Front. Previously published are Mr. Weal’s books featuring the Ju-88 on the Western Front and on the North African/Mediterranean Front.

Mr. Weal is fluent in German and that ability adds significant color and detail to the text. Little details make the reading lively and interesting an added plus to the historical documentation that one normally finds in Osprey publications. For example, Mr. Weal describes a situation in which some squadron leaders are opening their flight orders and he describes the flight orders as being enclosed in a green envelope.

While it may seem to be a bit of trivia, when one reads the book such touches of reality and detail lift the quality of the text to a new level. The text is accompanied by numerous photographs which reveal the nature of the air war on the Russian Front, many of these images not being familiar or seen in other publications. The images show that Mother Nature was often as tough an opponent as the Russian forces with which the Ju-88s had to contend.

An excellent feature in this book is the collection of side-view illustrations created by Mr. Weal. The 30 side view illustrations are an excellent source for the modeler when selecting a specific aircraft to model. Each illustration is summarized in a paragraph which draws one’s attention to Squadron markings or other unique features contained within the side view illustration.


  • Chapter 1 Early Successes
  • Chapter 2 Tactical Bomber
  • Chapter 3 Tank and Train Busters
  • Chapter 4 Convoys and Flying Bombs
  • Chapter 5 Axis Operators
  • Appendices

For those who are interested in the Ju-88 and in its role on the Russian Front this book is a must. I must admit to having taken out my 1/32 Ju-88 from storage while I was reading this book and found myself looking at the illustrations and comparing my model to the aircraft in the book. I highly recommend this Osprey publication along with its two companions in the Ju-88 trilogy.

Thanks to Osprey Publications and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review this very enjoyable and valuable book.


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