Ju-87B/R Stuka Decals Part II

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any 1/32 Ju-87B/R Stuka
Company: Eagle Editions Ltd. - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Eagle Editions Ltd. - Website: Visit Site
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Eagle Editions has followed their earlier release of Ju-87B/R markings with a very nice set that gives you the option of three German or one Italian aircraft.

All four aircraft are from the 1941 period and finished in RLM 65 under surfaces with the RLM 70/71 upper surface splinter scheme.

  1. The first aircraft is a German JU-87 B-2 from St.G 2 based in the Balkans, 1941. An 8x10 black and white photo supplement sheet is also included, documenting some of the particulars of this aircrafts marking.
  2. The second aircraft is a German JU-87 B-2 from 8./St.G. 77 based in Russia, 1941.
  3. The third aircraft is a German JU-87 R-2 from Stab II./St.G. 2 based in the Mediterranean, 1941.
  4. The final aircraft is a JU-87 B-2 from 209 Squadriglia, 96 Gruppo based in North Africa, 1941.

The A3 instruction sheet is black and white on one side and color on the other, broken into 4 8x10 pages. The stencils and maintenance marking locations are called out in a separate illustration from the national and aircraft-specific markings. Only one side of the aircraft is shown, with the opposite side marking listed in parenthesis as needed. The only error that I could find with the instructions is a maintenance stencil listed for the right side only as item 5 should actually be 15 as both 5 decals are used on the underside of the wing.

There are two sheets of decals. Both are about 5x8. One sheet contains the national and stencil/maintenance markings. The second has the aircraft-specific indentifying markings. The decals are printed by Cartograf and are very nicely done. The whites are nice and bright and not translucent at all. The colors are on-register and you can read all the small maintenance stencils with no problem – providing you’ve got good eyesight…

I was fortunate enough to draw the Trumpeter 1/32 Ju-87B-2 kit as a review item at the same time as these decals. I chose to model the first option on the decal sheet, being drawn to the big yellow nose and rudder. These decals worked just fantastic!! After a brief dip in the water, they slid right off the paper backing and stood up extremely well to all my poking, sliding, and prodding as I tried to get them into position. No shattering or tearing or disintegrating in the water or on the aircraft. The carrier film is at the minimum needed and did not silver at all, as long as I did my part correctly. I put them on two ways, depending on how much clear film they had – one just directly onto the gloss surface with only water, and the other way was onto a small smear of Future (for those with a lot of clear film). Both methods worked perfectly and the decals held up fine to a couple of coats of Solvaset, too. They settled right down nice and tight, showing all the details beneath. The swastika on the tail was a two-part decal and lined up perfectly. I used Testors Dullcoat mixed about 50/50 with lacquer thinner as my flat coat and, again, no issues were noted.

I can highly recommend these decals. They’re easy to work with, tough, handle very well, and look great when you get done. If I can’t botch them up, then they must be good!

I would like to offer my thanks to Eagle Editions for making the decals and donating them for review, and to IPMS/USA for allowing me to review them on the model.


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