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October 5, 2011
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Hasegawa Ju-87B
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The Detail Parts:

We all know what a propeller is, but what is this “tool” of which we speak? Trumpeter provides a block of resin with a “bed” for the prop blade to be placed into, and a locating hole and ring for the spinner. When placed into the “bed” the prop will assume the correct angle for alignment with the spinner. Using this tool, which is also included in many of the other Quickboost prop sets, alignment of exactly the same angle and orientation will be achieved for each of the three blades. What a great idea!

Included in this package are 3 blades, a spinner, a shaft which will align the spinner and prop into the nose of the Stuka (and also into the “tool”) and the “tool” itself. The blades will need a few swipes with a sanding stick to remove a small mold release line, but the small amount of raised resin is so small that it is difficult to see. Of special note is the quality of the spinner. There are two engraved grooves on the spinner and they are flawless.

This product is designed for use on the Hasegawa 1/48th Ju-87B/R.

What’s Out There?

Hasegawa Ju-87B2 #9113 (Quickboost indicates the product being reviewed is designed for the Hasegawa Kit)

Airfix Ju-87B # 5100

Italeri Ju-87B2 #ITL 2690


This product is highly recommended because of the evident attention to scale and the quality of the parts. Thanks to Quickboost for the opportunity to review this item.


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