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Early last year I was excited to see that Revell was going to release two new NASCAR kits sometime in the 4th quarter of 2015. I was equally excited because these would be of the newer Generation 6 style of cars and Ford Fusions. Well the bubble burst when I discovered that these kits would be SnapTite kits. Excited for the kids and snap builders, but a little disappointed that we haven’t had a new glue-style NASCAR kit in almost two decades.

I understand Revell plans to rectify this situation in 2017-18, based on the sales of these snap kits. At $24 dollars each I am really skeptical that they will be able to penetrate the youth market with these kits.

Construction of the kit is pretty simple and the only tools needed are a small screw driver, nippers, and a file. The plastic is of the right consistency, easy to cut and sand. All the parts fit well together without any modification, perfect for the beginning builder. Snap joints for the most part hold well. I placed some Tamiya liquid cement on a few to make them more permanent. The pre-painted body and window are exceedingly properly finished. Instructions for the placement of all of the decals were perfectly completed.

Parts Count: 35 total parts

  • 1 Pre-finished Ford Fusion stock car
  • 1 Clear Styrene Window with pre-finished painted edges
  • 10 Black Styrene Parts
  • 8 Dark Grey Styrene Parts
  • 1 Light Grey Styrene Part
  • 4 Rubber Tires
  • 2 Steal Axles
  • 4 Black Screws
  • 4 Silver Screws
  • 1 Self-adhesive decal sheet
  • 1 Instruction booklet

I took a little extra time to paint the wheels' hub centers Testors Model Master silver to add a little pop to the wheels. The rubber tires were also put in the drill to scuff up the contact surface patch. The builder could spend a little more time detail painting the chassis and interior parts. There is however no under-hood details i.e. motor/transmission.

Two items of omission that annoyed me: there are no painting instructions, and the wheels are missing the common “Goodyear” lettering.

The Ford Fusion looks accurate to scale, and represents well photos of the real car found on I spent just a little over one hour on construction of this build, with ten minutes spent on the painting, scuffing tires, and decaling.

I highly recommend this model from Revell for the ease of construction and fun factor for the youth but I am unfortunately discouraged at the price of these kits.

Thanks to everyone at Revell for the chance to review the #22 Joey Logano Shell Pennzoil Ford Fusion stock car and to Dick Montgomery, Dave Morrisette and the support staff of the IPMS/USA reviewers corps.


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