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Taken from the Iliad website, the description for this line of products reads, “Each set of pages provides ACTUAL PAINT CHIPS (not just printed reproductions) for the colours and schemes described! These have been carefully researched and produced to match the original factory production colours as closely as possible. Each Aircraft Colour Chart set also provides brief chronological descriptions of the various camouflage schemes as they evolved, and also one or more pages depicting typical camouflage patterns for the schemes covered. The heavy cardstock pages are drilled for insertion into either a 3-ring or an ISO binder, and the assembled collection will provide you with a superb colour reference.”

Currently, Iliad offers 15 Colour Charts. This review covers CC-012, Japanese Navy Aircraft. The product arrives within a zip lock bag, safely sealed and well protected. The packet of materials includes 2 pages of heavy cardstock, printed front and back, pre-punched for insertion into a binder.

  • Page 1 contains text that indicates that this product covers aircraft of the Japanese Navy in WWII.
  • Page 2 contains 10 color chips affixed to the card stock. Each chip is identified with a color description such as, “Grey Black, or Light Grey Ame-iro” (typical new finish) or Light Grey Ame-iro” (typical weathered finish). Note that the new finish represents a factory fresh Light Grey while the weathered finish appears to be matte with considerable fading in the grey. Two of the chips represent color found on the lower surface and the remaining 8 chips represent colors found on the upper surfaces.
  • Page 3 contains four paragraphs which describe some of the various color applications one finds on Japanese aircraft in various theatres of operations, with descriptions of how the camo was applied.
  • Page 4 features a set of 3 view drawings showing the typical camouflage patterns one can apply.


This product is highly recommended. Comparing the colors represented on the Iliad charts with various other sources indicates that Iliad is dead-on with their research. The product is well packaged and can be placed in a binder instantly upon opening the shipping packaging. The protection of the color chips is of paramount importance since that, after all, is the heart of the product. Thanks to Iliad for supplying this excellent product to IPMS/USA for review.

(Please note that in some circumstances the Canadian spelling for “colour” was retained while in other areas of this review the American spelling was used.)


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